The Collaborative Workforce group is a research group at Georgia Tech that I was a member of for two semesters. I designed and implemented multimedia systems, web applications, and human-computer interfaces to support remote collaboration for design and research teams. Specifically, we built a web interface (optimized for the iPad) that allowed the user to control all of the distance learning equipment in a classroom, like the cameras, projectors, TVs, audio gear, etc. We also worked with a TI SoC to do Region of Interest video annotation. Video takes up a lot of bandwidth, so by designating a region of interest, we can serve the user only the part of the video that really matters. For something like a lecture, that’s easy to do, since you’re generally only watching a professor walk around. If you’re watching a slide deck, you can drop the frame rate a lot since you’re essentially watching pictures that change once every minute or so. Here’s the dev board we developed on:

I don’t have any screenshots from the software we wrote, but it was all in PHP and Javascript. The UI was basically a floorplan of the rooms (the local room and the remote room). Then you could drag and drop connections between devices, so you could drag a camera from the local room onto a TV of a remote room and that would automatically set up the connection between those devices.

Here’s a paper that we wrote on it. This project won first place in the embedded category of a design competition that Cisco had that year. It was judged by several Georgia Tech professors and some Cisco engineers.

If you want more information or want to see what the group has been up to recently, check out the website:


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