I participated in an eBay hackathon last weekend and you can see my entry here:


It uses Three.js and was hacked from one of the examples they have. I got the opportunity to play with a Leap Motion which was really cool, so if you have one, you can use it to move the shapes around on that page. I used the Javascript API to get data from the Leap Motion. It takes some practice, but you can pinch your fingers to grab a part of the mesh and move it around.Then let go and open you hand to stop moving it and reposition your hand. You can click on individual search results to take you to the page on eBay. There’s no way to click using the Leap Motion because I couldn’t figure out an effective way to do it using gestures. To navigate with the mouse, you can click and drag to rotate, scroll to zoom, and right click and drag to pan. The easiest way to look at the results is the grid view. You can zoom through the first panel of results to see the second. The sphere, line, and helix views are more there just because they look cool. Code for this is on my github.


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