This is a project I worked on for the Inventure Prize. The idea was that there would be a pico projector and camera mounted together, and a kitchen computer would be projected on your counter top. The camera would do finger tracking to detect the user interacting with projected image. My thinking was that something like an iPad (or anything with a regular touch screen) would get junked up since your fingers get stuff on them when you’re cooking. I had a bunch of other ideas for cool stuff you could do with the camera/projector system, but I only ever got as far as making a basic proof of concept. That used a Kinect to do finger tracking and turned any surface into a touch screen. Here’s what it looked like:


There were some problems with the practicality of the idea, mainly that it’s hard to find a good surface to use in your kitchen, since you’re generally using all of your counter space for cooking. And a lot of counters are made of granite which is really hard to get a projection to  show up on. But here’s a mock up I did to show a little bit of what I was envisioning:

I got a small grant to develop this project. Here’s a shot presentation I made for it: [pptx]


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