My favorites

Could the ancient Romans have built a digital computer?” – An article I wrote that Gizmodo syndicated

Analyzing Trinitite: A (Radioactive) Piece of Nuclear History” – 2013

Things you may not know about Principia Mathematica” – 2013

What a Soviet spacecraft on Venus can teach you about failure” – 2013

Engineering Cultures” – 2013

Published papers

Eric Huang, Hunter Scott, et al. Robojackets 2013, Small Size League Team Description Paper, Proceedings of the 17th Robocup International Symposium, Eindhoven, Netherlands, June 2013.

Alex Cunningham, Hunter Scott, et al. Robojackets 2012, Small Size League Team Description Paper , Proceedings of the 16th RoboCup International Symposium, Mexico City, Mexico, June 2012.

Other papers and articles

Senior Design Technical Review Paper on DRFM. Download [PDF]

Senior Design Proposal on Electronic Countermeasures for Radar. Download [PDF]

Senior Design Preliminary Design Review presentation. Download [PDF]

Senior Design Final Report. Download [PDF]

Senior Design Poster. Download [PDF]

Here’s the Flight Readiness Review (FRR) for the 2012 USLI rocket. We finished 4th in the country out of 41 teams. I contributed the stuff on our control loop and some of the electronics description. Fair warning: it’s about 200 pages. Download [PDF]

This is a design report I wrote for ECE 3041. It looks at improving the Q factor of a filter by using a transformer. We had to make up a company and application, so I chose a fictional military submarine communication system developed by Burdell Electronics. Download here: [download id=”5″ format=”1″] [PDF].

This is a recommendation report I wrote, also for ECE 3041. It compares a bunch of different pieces of lab equipment [download id=”6″ format=”1″] [PDF].

This is an Application Note I wrote on the Bubba oscillator, a neat trick to make a simple oscillator with some op amps. [PDF]

This is a paper I coauthored summarizing my research in remote collaboration. [PDF]



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  1. hi Hunter, im a fan from mexico and i wanna know if you can share with me the ClockworkRobot Mental Note Code for Processing because the link is dead.
    i got ur code but something is wrong because there’s a phrase: Port Busy

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