Cosmic Microwave Background

The Planck Project recently published the most complete view of the cosmic microwave background yet. I thought it would be cool to show it with three.js on a sphere, so I used ImageMagick to transform the 2D Mollweide projection into a square image to use as a texture. Here’s the version I made. I noticed that my image transform still had one hole and some distortion near the poles. I contacted the people at the Planck Project who confirmed that the original image was a Mollweide projection, so I’m not sure why that distortion is there. About 24 hours after I hacked that together, I found, which did a MUCH better job than I did. I recommend you check it out, because it’s really neat. He even lets you scroll through the different spectral captures. His sphere also has a blurry patch that looks like it’s hiding the same kind of problem I was having. This is the page NASA has on how the data should be projected. If anyone knows what’s happening here, let me know. Here’s another neat page I found that shows 2D maps and lets you fade through different frequencies. So cool!

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