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Could the ancient Romans have built a digital computer?” – Gizmodo

Things you may not know about Principia Mathematica

What a Soviet spacecraft on Venus can teach you about failure

Engineering Cultures

The Importance of Packaging

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Senior Design Proposal on Electronic Countermeasures for Radar. Download [PDF]

Senior Design Preliminary Design Review presentation. Download [PDF]

Senior Design Final Report. Download [PDF]

Here’s the Flight Readiness Review (FRR) for the 2012 USLI rocket. We finished 4th in the country out of 41 teams. I contributed the stuff on our control loop and some of the electronics description. Fair warning: it’s about 200 pages. Download [PDF]

This is an Application Note I wrote on the Bubba oscillator, a neat trick to make a simple oscillator with some op amps. [PDF]

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  1. hi Hunter, im a fan from mexico and i wanna know if you can share with me the ClockworkRobot Mental Note Code for Processing because the link is dead.
    i got ur code but something is wrong because there’s a phrase: Port Busy

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